The End

  • The song "The End", written by Jim Morrison and performed by the doors, is one of the only Doors songs considered nihilistic. The Doors are not considered a nihilistic band, however this song, although losing them a spot at a club they were regularly performing at, helped them cut one of their very first record deals.
  • A lot of the lyrics refer to the Oedipus Complex, a psychoanalytical theory developed by Sigmund Freud, who had previously expressed thughts of nihilism subtly in his books. This theory is seen in the lyrics, "Father, I want to kill you, Mother, I want to fuck you." The word fuck was taken out due to the controversy it stirred up, later being replaced by the word "Screw," in the final album version. Coppola however, chose to include the unedited version, including the word "Fuck," and various other controersial references in Apocalypse Now.
  • When Jim Morrison wrote the original lyrics to the album The End came from (The Doors) he was reading a lot of Friedrich Nietzche, a Russian philosopher, who focusses on Nihilism a lot, altough he completely and utterly detested it.
  • Coppola also chose this song to play twice, (once in the opening and once at Kurtz's death) purely because of the aggressive and violent nature of it. The title, The End, already perfectly fits the fate of a majority of characters in Apocalypse Now.
  • When Jim Morrison was found dead, this was the last song that had played on the album he had been listening to. The End was the last song Jim Morrison ever heard.
  • Although the song was originally a regular length song, over time of it being performed at a regular club with Morrison adding lyrics and arts to it as he went, it had escalated into the 12+ minute end result that was finally recorded and produced on their self titled album.
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